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Creative garden design consultancy

Providing tailored advice and practical guidance to realise your dream garden

Affordable garden design

I believe that every outdoor space has the potential to be a haven of beauty, tranquility and nature.

Inspired by a desire to make professional garden design more accessible, my mission is simple: to bridge the gap between DIY enthusiasts and hiring a professional designer. 

Through one-to-one online consultations, I offer personalised advice and practical guidance, empowering you to transform your outdoor space with confidence and creativity.

Welcome to a world where your dreams of a beautiful garden come to life.


Planting Plans

Looking to redesign a single bed in your garden or plant out an entire new garden? I can provide detailed planting plans to help you achieve a beautiful garden.

Garden Consultancy

A one hour video call to discuss your garden project and plans.  A full written follow up with ideas and suggestions to inspire you on your journey to the garden you deserve.

Plant Sourcing

Maybe you have designed your own garden and now just need to plant? I can source and deliver a wide range of plants nationwide at very competitive rates.

Your Beautiful Garden Starts Here